Exciting New - JStore Dynamic Shipping Rollout

We are trying to rollout dynamic shipping in order for customers to get their orders faster.

We are aiming for same day delivery, however it will depend on these factor:

1) Availability of item at our consolidation warehouse

Some of our items are at different warehouse. We are working to move them into one area which 

2) Availability of customer/family members to be around to receive order

When same day delivery is available, we will contact the customer if they are available to accept. Sometimes we are unable to contact the customer, we will use traditional couriers for those orders

The courier will collect items and send within few hours or next working day. However, if they fail to deliver the item, they will fail the order and delivery might drag as it might be sent back to us or the courier will try to send it within next few days - delaying the whole process

3) Availability of agent/Cut Off time (1pm or earlier)

After 1 pm, order will be post as soon as courier or packer is available again

4) Order total amount ($45 onwards)

For orders above $45, we will consider to use same day if possible.

If same day is not possible, we will try to send it out as soon as possible. Because some courier have very early cut off time such as 1245pm - 1pm. We will have to pack/ send for them to pickup/drop off in time for them to send it next day. If not, it will be sent 2 days later.

For smaller items, we will use smartpac as the cut off is around 5-6pm for them to send it next working day.

29th Dec 2018 JStoreSG

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